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Jun 20, 2012  – Jul 07, 2012
Sit down. I tell you a story.
Wednesday, 20th June 2012, 7 pm
Sit down. I tell you a story.
Photographs by Mauro L'Abate

Texts by Consuelo Costa

They are just chairs. They are neither design nor collectibles. They are, again, 
tool, a support, a component. Every   day dozens of people use them, or just a single person year by year.
A chair can tell you wishes, hopes, doubts. They are witnesses of human trouble or achievement. You can often see the scars on them.
Every chair has got a story to tell, obviously from its point of view.
Just entangled pieces of life, left. Someone has decided to stand up and go  away .
Life must go on somewhere else.
Now it's your turn: pick up one chair and build your story up!
The exhibition runs until Saturday, July 7, 2012.

May 27, 2012  – Jun 18, 2012
Karim Bakry

The Missing Pieces

 Karim Bakry's latest project, "The Missing Pieces", is employing shipping boxes and crates to transport a valuable good: an idea.

 The months following January 25th have produced waves of different emotions, but the undercurrent of disillusionment has been the most prevalent. The revolution, chanted in unison by the people, had only been a starting point and not the finishing mark - a pending delivery.

 Familiar images are projected on an unfamiliar format; unlike a screen these boxes cannot display a whole image, leaving unmarked spaces between each, such as the missing pieces for a successful revolution.

 Crates and boxes that vary in shape and size, unique and unalike, nonetheless bear a single picture. This is much like the Egyptian people whom vary in political views, education and belief systems, and have all the same been impacted by events since the spark of the revolution, longing for a brighter future.

 In these boxes is the solidarity, the will to change, a prospect to fulfill, waiting to be unpacked.

 The exhibition will include two sections: an installation and a display of photographs. (Marwan Elgamal, April 2012)

The exhibition runs until Monday, June 18, 2012.

Looking forward to seeing you…

Apr 29, 2012  – May 24, 2012
Maps Miracle

Drawings by Salah El Mur & Souad Abdelrasoul

The more than 100 small sized works on display are the results of a co-production between the Sudanese artist Salah el Mur and the Egyptian artist Souad Abdelrasoul. Their first common exhibition aims at questioning the relationship between the physical nature of human beings and their psychological and metaphysical state of being, in connection with a certain body or natural shape:

“Nature is a part of every human and, in turn, both nature and man influence one another. For there is the vegetal in man, the animal in man and also the mineral in man, with a variety of densities and inclination towards a certain species within these elements. If you bear the attributes of a dog then assuredly you are of this species, if you gravitate towards flowers then you carry within you a tree, and if you seek out rocks then certainly you bear an old mineral within you - perhaps of translucent crystal or rusted metal – these creatures and elements we tend to sanctify and desecrate accordingly.

We take in these different vegetal and animal forms - which we casually degrade on a daily basis - into our divine bodies. If we believe that the body is divine and separate from these base elements, we take away from our divinity by our mere interaction with them. This interaction of ours strips us of our separation, and this union is a celebration and an elevation, but since the body is considered holy and veiled, the result is persecution from others the more we associate with these elements and creatures.” (Salah el Mur, March 2012)

Apr 01, 2012  – Apr 26, 2012
The true story of Mohannad's death

Paintings by Ahmed Sabry

Ahmed Sabry introduces his next visual dialogue: playful and wide-scoped. It taps into the Egyptian pop culture using the very language of this pop culture; with the lightheartedness of a caricature artist, the confidence of a revolutionary and the distress of the informed citizen, the artist tackles his subject. The pieces echo the common Facebook user with its format of text, mostly colloquial and informal, and imagery as a means of communication; this very likeness is in itself a comment on the times. With a tendency towards the sarcastic, this is essentially a commentary on the Egyptian society as it stands, touching on the post-revolution political Islamic atmosphere, the woman’s role in such an arena, and the general distrust of political leaders of the present and of past decades brought forth by a newfound wakefulness. The artist calls for the reorganization and recalibration of all that is and has been considered fact. Stuffed animals are juxtaposed within most of the scenes; watching the fumbling newscast and roaming the streets, aimless and carefree they represent the unmotivated and misdirected facet of the population.  Does the recurring element of clouds capture the calmness and optimism of a daylight scene or do they capture the fumes and smoke of an ill omen? This exhibition is informative and highly entertaining, certainly a sign of the times.

(Marwan El Gamal, March 2012)

حقيقة مقتل مهند 2011

تشكل الممارسات الشعبية رصيدا غنيا من المفاهيم والتجليات التي راكمتها الثقافات الانسانية على اختلاف مرجعيتها وتنوع معتقداتها , ومازال الانسان المعاصر يلجأ الى الممارسات الشعبية في كثير من افعاله واقواله ويطورها بتطور الوسائل , واجدها سلاحاً قوياً تقتل ذاتها باستحداثها وهو سر عبقريتها فهي لا تعترف بالثوابت تنتقد ذاتها وتدمرها ان شعرت تجاهها بالخطر, وتستسلم لها احيانا متلذذة بسذاجتها  واضمحلالها. ولكن بشكل مؤقت فهي لا تشعر بالنشوة الا بقتلها .

Mar 11, 2012  – Mar 29, 2012
Artist from Syria NOW

From March 11, 2012 at 7 pm (Opening)

until March, 29

Artist from Syria NOW

Mashrabia Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition of dissident Syrian artists who are currently living and working in Syria, despite the difficult situation.

Through this exhibition we hope that the already well-known artists will have the possibility of gaining an even broader international visibility. By selling their art works they will be financially supporting other independent Syrian artists who have been deeply affected by the circumstances in their home country.

Mashrabia Gallery wishes to express its solidarity towards the victims of the Syrian conflict through this event and offer the public a platform for discussions.

Followers of the Cairo art scene will be able to enjoy a wide spectrum of thechniques, such as paintings, graphics and drawings, as well as a variety of different styles. 

من 11 مارس 2012، الساعة 7 مساءاً

حتى 29 مارس

فنانون من سوريا الآن

بكل الفخر يقدم لكم جاليرى مشربية هذا المعرض الجماعى لمجموعة من الفنانين السوريين المعارضين للنظام السورى و يعملون حالياً فى سوريا بالرغم من صعوبة الموقف الحالى للدولة.

من خلال هذا المعرض نأمل أن تتحقق امكانية لدى الفنانين المعروفين بالفعل فى اكتساب رؤية عالمية أوسع.

و ذلك عن طريق بيع أعمالهم الفنية و بعائدها يتم دعم الفنانين المسقلين بسوريا الذين تضرروا بشدة فى ظل الأوضاع الأخيرة فى وطنهم.

جاليرى مشربية يتمنى أن يعبر بهذا المعرض عن تضامنه مع ضحايا الأحداث فى سوريا و أن يكون بمثابة منبر لطرح الموضوع على الجمهور للنقاش و تبادل الآراء.

متابعى المشهد الفنى بالقاهرة سيحظون بالإستمتاع بالأطياف الواسعة من التقنيات الفنية من تصوير زيتى، جرافيك، و رسوم، هذا الى جانب الأنماط و الرؤى الفنية المتنوعة

Feb 12, 2012  – Mar 08, 2012
Razor-Sharp Teeth By Ali Abdel Mohsen

Ali Abdel Mohsen was born in 1984.

A self-taught artist, he draws inspiration from the long list of things that make him miserable, like bad news, conflicts and deterioration.

About the current solo exhibition, his second after A Voice from the Clouds at Darb 17/18 in 2010 , he states: 

"I spend my time at the White Heart Villa, I spend my time like money, I shake hands with invisible hands, I chew my meals with razor-sharp teeth."  

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 Sit down. I tell you a story.


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